LT-3100 System 3D CAD (STEP) files available

Dear All, We have uploaded 3D CAD (STEP) files for the LT-3100 System: LT-3110 Control Unit LT-3120 Handset LT-3121 Cradle LT-3130 Antenna Unit (incl. mounts) The STEP files are available for download here (partner area): Downloads -> Products -> LT-3100

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LT-3100 SW v1.04 Released

Dear All, We have just released LT-3100 SW v1.04 including the following new features Data History User can force termination of active data call (softkey on main view) The LT-3100 SW v1.04 can be downloaded from our website: LT-3100 SW

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Updated User & Installation Manuals Rev. 1.01

New User & Installation Manuals Rev. 1.01 are now available for all three navigational products: 95-100178-rev-1-01-lt-1000-user-installation-manual 95-100225-rev-1-01-lt-500-user-installation-manual 95-100229-rev-1-01-lt-300-user-installation-manual We are very interested in receiving feedback on the manuals and be informed about possible errors and missing information. Sincerely Lars Thrane A/S

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Marketing: Product Sheets, A0 Posters & Roll-Up

Marketing materials can be ordered from Lars Thrane A/S or downloaded in the Partner Area. This includes: Product Sheets LT-1000 NRU LT-500 AHRS LT-300 GNSS A0 Posters Pilot Boat – LT A0-Poster Pilot Sail boat – LT A0-Poster Sail Boat Roll-Up

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Release of Application SW v1.02

New application SW v1.02 is now available for all three navigation products. The new main features are: Configuration of NMEA 0183 sentences via LT-Service Tool (all products) Enable/disable sentence Change of Talker ID (HC, HE, HN, etc.) Output Rate (up

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LT-1000 NRU wins Seawork 2016 Innovations Showcase Award

The LT-1000 Navigation Reference Unit (NRU) from Lars Thrane A/S has won the Seawork 2016 Innovations Showcase Award in the category – Electronics. The LT-1000 NRU is a high-performance electronic compass with built-in GNSS receiver. The static heading performance of

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LT Roll Up Banner

Lars Thrane A/S has designed a roll up banner, which can be ordered to cost price (~70 EUR) and EXW delivery. Dimensions: 85 x 200 cm For ordering and delivery, please contact: Sincerely Lars Thrane A/S

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LT-300 GNSS Position Performance

Lars Thrane A/S has measured the position performance of the LT-300 GNSS Receiver. The LT-300 GNSS Receiver has a high-performance 72-channel receiver with hot start capability. The LT-300 GNSS receiver has the following GNSS configuration possibilities: GPS, SBAS, GLONASS (default)

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LT-500 AHRS Product Release

We are happy to announce that the LT-500 AHRS, Part Number 51-100294, is now fully developed, tested, certified, and ready for delivery. First Customer Shipment (FCS): 20 May 2016 Place an order: Each distributor will get 20% additional discount

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CFO and Co-Founder

After having earning his engineering degree Hans joined Thrane & Thrane in 2003 as a young development engineer.
During his time at Thrane & Thrane Hans has been involved in DSP programming, type approvals and project management.
His area of responsibility was within maritime and aeronautical mobile satellite communication.

Hans left Thrane & Thrane in the summer of 2014 to be part of the new founding team at Lars Thrane A/S.
Hans Thrane holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Technical University of Danmark.

Phone: +45 88 30 10 11


CTO and Co-Founder

Carsten joined Thrane & Thrane in 1997 as a young hardware development engineer. Throughout the years he grew to a position within Thrane & Thrane as a Senior Project Manager within the Maritime Development Unit.

During his time at Thrane & Thrane Carsten has been working on all levels of development and business development within Maritime, Land mobile and Aeronautical Terminals.

Carsten holds a Yachtmaster, 3rd class certificate and a SRC Certificate.
In his spare time, he likes to sail, dive and hike in the mountains.

Carsten holds a Higher National Degree in electronics engineering and a PMI Certification in Project Management.

Phone: +45 88 30 10 12


Chairman and Founder

Lars Thrane established Lars Thrane A/S in the summer of 2014.

Lars originally founded Thrane & Thrane in 1981 and has as CEO and technical Mastermind been the main creative and management force behind the very successful growth and performance of the company in its first 30 years. Under Lars’ leadership, Thrane & Thrane developed a reputation as the leading manufacturer of mobile satellite communications in the world.

In addition to Lars’ accomplishments at Thrane & Thrane, he is also a passionate pilot, holding certificates for multi-engine turbine powered aircraft and helicopters.

Lars holds a Master of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering and a Ph.D. in Satellite Communications from the Technical University of Denmark

Phone: +45 88 30 10 20


CEO and Co-Founder

Peter Thrane was a co-founder of Lars Thrane A/S in the summer of 2014.

Peter has 10 years of experience with development of satellite communication equipment from Thrane & Thrane. Peter has worked with maritime, land and aeronautical satellite communication development programs. Most recently he has worked on an aeronautical FAA Level-D DO-178C/DO-254 certification project.

Privately, Peter holds a certificate on a single engine piston aircraft and holds a maritime Yachtsman of 3rd degree.

Peter holds a Master of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark

Phone: +45 88 30 10 10


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